Thursday, May 27, 2021

Collecting Community Feedback: New Improvements and Features in Bitnami Helm Charts

So far this year, the Bitnami Content team has merged more than 700 Pull Requests (PR) in our Helm charts GitHub repository. About half of those PRs are mainly external contributions to the most popular solution, the Bitnami WordPress Helm chart.  

The community actively contributes to the Bitnami’s Helm chart catalog improvement by suggesting new features and reporting issues. This is not the first time that we can say how proud we are of our community, since some of our users also contributed in the past by submitting their own Helm charts.   

Meanwhile, the Bitnami Content Team continuing checking both the PRs and issues submitted by users to identify which are the problems they are dealing with and how we can enhance the user experience and providing the most up to date and secure versions of the community’s favorite applications.  

Find below the list of the latest improvements done in our Helm charts catalog. And don’t forget to check Bitnami documentation and visit our Tutorials site to boost your Kubernetes skills! 

Latest Bitnami Helm Charts New Features and Improvements 


Elasticsearch and Kibana

  • New feature: Both Elasticsearch and Kibana license changes. Both are now licensed under the Elastic License. X-Pack is also now included by default on both Elasticsearch and Kibana 
  • Chart version: 15.0.0 (Elasticsearch) and 8.0.0 (Kibana) 
  • More info: Elasticsearch / Kibana 
  • Deployment offering




Visit the Bitnami Helm chart repository in GitHub for more information about our charts’ latest versions and improvements or navigate to the Bitnami Application Catalog for deploying the solution of your choice in any Kubernetes platform.