Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bitnami Container Images for Docker - Now in Beta

We’re very happy to announce availability of the first set of Bitnami container images focused on the needs of application developers. We’ve been using containers internally for close to a year and have found them useful, both for local and cloud-based development and testing.

Bitnami container images can help you:
  • Reduce the time it takes to setup a developer on a new project
  • Reduce friction when sharing environments - experience less “but it worked on my machine?” 
  • Mix and match languages for specific projects - with consistency, regardless of the components you select
As with any rapidly evolving technology, we’ve run into a few bumps along the way, but believe that containers offer an interesting way to collaborate on your next software project and that they are complementary to our existing installers, virtual machines, and cloud images.

We’re starting small and initially focused on the needs of Web developers. Today we’re announcing beta Bitnami container images for nginx, php-fpm, mariadb, memcached, node, redis, apache, and ruby.

Our container images have been built around some key ideas we wanted, but found lacking, in other publicly available container images. Bitnami containers for Docker:
  • Share a common base OS (initially Ubuntu 14.04) to minimize time-to-get-started
  • Are kept up-to-date with consistent version tagging
  • Are easy to combine into a multi-tier application because they are consistently documented and take a standardized approach to configuration, bootstrapping, and logging
  • Separate data from code to enable upgrading of individual components
  • Include run-time notification of new versions
Bitnami container images are available now on the Docker Hub Registry and on GitHub. A walk-through of  how to use these container images to package a real-world application is also available.

We’re very interested in feedback from you on how these container images could be improved. Please open issues with ideas for enhancements or use cases on GitHub. We welcome contributions to the code, so please open a pull request if you have code to share.

Click here to get Bitnami container images for Docker.