Friday, July 31, 2015

Simple Machines Forum joins the Bitnami Library!

Simple Machines Forum is now part of the Bitnami App Catalog!

Simple Machines Forum is a web forum that allows you to have your own community in a really simple way. 

It gives you every feature you need as a forum admin and also is a very easily customizable software. It is written in PHP and used the MySQL database, all included in the Bitnami Stack. Simple Machines Forum also offers the the following features:

Package Manager to apply hundred of modifications you will find online
Changeable themes
Easily integrated with other CMS as Mambo
Supports more than 40 different languages
Upgrade by the web interface

Liroy van Hoewijk, the President/CEO of the org and the server administrator the website, has kindly answered some questions about the project and the integration with Bitnami.

What is the goal of the Simple Machines Forum application?

Simple Machines Forum is designed for ease of setup and use for the beginning site admin, but highly customizable by the more advanced admins. With a lot of handy features, it can be used by anyone for a large variety of communities that the site owner wishes to run.

We want to make good, fast, stable and secure software available to everyone: free of charge. Hence our slogan: "Elegant, effective, powerful, free. It's that simple."

What are some of the features of Simple Machines Forum?

SMF will give you a powerful opensource tool to create an online community, that gives you full control.
- Posting is very easy thanks to a powerful post system, which includes a WYSIWYG editor, a quote option and a quick-reply feature.
- Modifying the appearance of SMF is easy to do, with the built-in theme editor and a large scale of themes available for free on our website.
- Adding functionality is as easy as downloading a free modification package in to the package manager that comes with SMF, which makes it as easy as adding functionality with a single click! 
- The SMF permission system is very strong and can, for example, work with groups so that some users can, or cannot, access/see and/or participate in specific areas of your community; you can limit what users can do, set access control, et cetera.
- The personal message system allows your users to community in private, if they want to.
- A powerful search system allows your users to look through posts/topics to find what they're looking for.
- The language system allows you to install pretty much any language there is, so that your users can use the functions of our software in their own language. This includes a spell check if the server supports it! 
- The warning system can, rather than instantly banning someone which is also an option, ensure you can give users limitations for a few days or keep them on close watch
- The large variety of caching systems that are supported can reduce the resources SMF needs even further.

... Etcetera. You will have a full and powerful community suite in your hands by using SMF.
For a full overview of our features, and to learn about using SMF whilst you're discovering just what SMF can do, I'd like to refer to our extensive online documentation:

Which projects or organizations are using Simple Machines Forum currently?  What kind of projects do they use it for?

From scientific NASA forums to fantasy WarriorcatsRPG, from security firms like COMODO to hacker forums, from bitcointalk to communities of banks: you name it! 
SMF is deployed on many different types of websites/projects as it can be used for just about any subject the user wants to start a community for. The software is very powerful, secure, stable and last but not least: very easy to use and customize, which makes it an easy choice. And hence why it should also be your choice! ;)

The userbase of SMF originates from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We pride ourselves in having a multi-cultural team from all corners of the world to cater to the wishes of our users, and produce one of the best products on the market with support in nearly all languages spoken on earth. Support that's not only given by our own team, but also by SMF users that love to help out other/new users! The (support) community on our website is not only staffed by our own team of experts, but is in a large part also driven by our users in a "for users, by users” fashion so that you can get very quick responses. For which we are very thankful!

SMF is not only used by companies, organizations or project websites: but also on a large scale by individuals who simply wish to add an awesome community to their website, in order to enable communication and/or discussions with their users on the subject their website is about. It greatly enhances the social interaction with, and among, the visitors of your website. 

SMF is light-weight, so it doesn't need significant amounts of resources to function: but it can scale as big as you need to as long as the hardware supports it. From a few hits to millions of hits, SMF can do it.

What do you expect will be the main benefits of having Bitnami packages available for Simple Machines Forum?

Whilst we do not endorse any specific vendor, for all the Bitnami users I'm very happy to hear that SMF will now be available to them in a pre-packaged system! It will of course lower the hurdle to get started even further. Making SMF even easier to use and install than it already is will hopefully be a welcome addition for Bitnami users, and therefore we hope that you'll give our software a try and start using SMF on your website! You will not regret it.


Simple Machines Forum is now ready to install in a few clicks with the Bitnami Simple Machines Forum Installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images(VMs), cloud images for Amazon EC2,Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

You can try Simple Machines Forum launching a free cloud demo server. If you are interested you just have to click on the following button to create a 1 hour free server:

Want your favorite app to be part of the Bitnami Library? Vote for it in our monthly contest!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Evaluate your business with ReportServer - now available on Bitnami

We are excited to welcome ReportServer, an open source business intelligence (OSBI) platform and the newest addition to the Bitnami Library! This versatile business intelligence suite provides a unified interface to reporting agents from different providers, making it easy for managers to collate, analyze, and take action from multiple touchpoints.

ReportServer is an ideal tool for business decision makers, analysts and consultants with it’s comprehensive administrative features and full scripting capabilities. Integration and support for Jasper, Birt, Crystal Reports, Mondrian and Excel also make using ReportServer a versatile option for existing infrastructures.

ReportServer is also highly flexible and customizable to suit your needs. Customize reports by selecting from a variety of parameters such as text-boxes, radio buttons, popups, and more.

More key features of ReportServer include:
  • Support for interactive, multi-dimensional analytics with OLAP and Mondrian.
  • Support for multiple output formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF and XML.
  • Unlimited, freely-configurable dashboards per user.
  • Fine-grained access control with groups, ACLs, user variables and SSO.
  • Extensible via Groovy scripting.
  • Enterprise-ready and 100% open source.
Launch a demo of ReportServer with just one click!

Or you can start using ReportServer right away with our Bitnami ReportServer installers,Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

FTP server with built in image preview

An FTP server with built in image preview? Yes please!

One of the neat features of CrushFTP that a Bitnami user discovered a few weeks ago was the ability to automatically generate thumbnails of image files. As it turns out it requires a few extra bits and pieces to get working (ImageMagick, Ghostscript, and Exiftool), which aren’t normally included by default.

However, these bits are now included by default in the Bitnami CrushFTP packages, which makes them dead simple to use. The full instructions on how to enable folders to scan are in our wiki, but in a nutshell all you need to do is…
  1. Log into the CrushFTP server
  2. Navigate to the "Admin -> Preferences -> Preview" page using the top navigation menu.
  3. Click ‘Add Folder’ to select the folders you wish to scan
  4. Click ‘Save’ to apply and start the scanning.
Then, when you navigate to that folder, you’ll see image previews generated for all the images it can find.

If you are already using CrushFTP, feel free to write a review and let other Bitnami users know what you thought about this feature.

Still haven't tried it? CrushFTP is ready to install in a few clicks with the Bitnami CrushFTP installers (available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X), Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform

HHVM joins the Bitnami Library!

We are happy to announce that the Bitnami HHVM Stack is now available on our Bitnami Library. HHVM is an open-source virtual machine that is able to execute PHP programs, in addition to its own programming language, Hack. It has been developed since it's origins by Facebook and is said to be a competitor with PHP itself. With that in mind, a large number of PHP applications are working to become compatible with HHVM.

The Bitnami HHVM Stack includes HHVM along with Apache, MySQL and PHP, so you will be able to switch between both engines and compare them.

As an example, we have configured WordPress on top of HHVM and ran some tests facing our WordPress cloud images running PHP-FPM 5.6. One of the conclusion that we came to is that HHVM allows about 170% concurrent users versus PHP-FPM 5.6, which is a significant advantage.

The following tests show the results of running a T2 AWS micro instance with WordPress configured with PHP-FPM v5.6 and HHVM v3.6.5. The first test shows that with the PHP-FPM configuration the users start getting timeout errors when there are 42 concurrent users in the server. The second one shows that WordPress configured with HHVM could serve the requests without timeout errors until the server has 80 concurrent users.

Get HHVM running in just a few clicks with the Bitnami HHVM Stack installersVirtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images.

We cannot wait to hear your thoughts about this stack, and we invite you to leave your comments and reviews on our stack page.

You can find more information about how to manage your installation on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

'Take 5' with Backendless Founder Mark Piller

We sat down with Backendless founder, Mark Piller, to discuss everything from what he sees as his company’s biggest hurdles to what keeps him up at night. Backendless, is a BaaS (or “Backend as a service”) that promises “More Backend for Less”; more backend features and functionality, support, and care for less effort, time, money and stress.

Mark ‘takes 5’ with Bitnami to give some insight into the passion that makes Backendless tick:

What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing? 
Building a SaaS service is very different than a downloadable product. It took us some time to figure out how to scale the product and build a reliable system, which can predict outages and gracefully handle them when they happen. Looking back it was the biggest challenge, but it is a minor one in contrast with what lies ahead of us. We have an amazing technology and not a lot of people know about us. Thinking about how to broaden our reach is what keeps me up at night.

What advice would you offer to any soon-to-be startup founders out there? 
Do not rush with your idea. Discuss with as many people as you can, especially ones who had experiencing starting their own company. Try delaying getting any kind of investment as long as you can, but not longer.. Release early and listen to your users.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business? 
There are many factors, which bring me personal and professional satisfaction. Hearing first hand from the users of our system how much they enjoy using Backendless, how it helped them build better applications, save time and money, get better at what they do. Learning about Backendless-powered apps, which reach the top of the app stores and beat competition that made the mistake of not using our platform. I really enjoy seeing my employees making big decisions of their lives – whether it is getting married, buying their first house or an apartment or bringing a child into this world. Knowing that their employment with the company perhaps made it a bit easier and gave more confidence to make these decisions is a great feeling. I also get a tremendous satisfaction from realizing that we are independent and are free to innovate. We are still relatively small and can move very quickly, it is important not to take it for granted and I highly value that I have the opportunity to work in such an environment.

What problem will your product solve? + How does it matter in the market? 
At the high level Backendless solves the developer productivity problem – it lets you focus on the core application logic and user experience while providing both functional and operational backend support. This results in significant reduction of total development time and apps can be released faster. Additionally, any application built with our service is ready to scale the moment you publish or deploy your app. The infrastructure your Backendless-powered product sits on top of is the foundation of your product’s scalability. At a lower level there is a variety of problems we solve quite efficiently. You can easily create video/audio chats, build location-aware apps with geofencing and location monitoring capabilities, deliver push notifications, include message broadcasts, easily configure security permissions, write your own backend logic using code generators and many more.

How much traction do you have? 
Enough to make us proud of our accomplishments, but not enough to make us comfortable. I do not think we will ever be “comfortable”. That comfort kills innovation and slows companies down. We constantly see new projects starting with our technology and it fuels our inspiration and desire to do more. We’re in the process of preparing a few very significant announcements which, I believe, will be the catalyst for significant shift in the competitive landscape (and our traction stats).

Now for the lightning round! 

Coffee or tea? 
It depends on where I am. Tea in China, Coffee in Colombia.

PC or MAC? 
Mac of course.

Early bird or night owl? 
Give me a coding problem to bring a night owl in me. Most of the midnight oil has been burned though.

Bagels or muffins? 
Neither one. A protein shake please.

Classic or modern? 
It depends on the mood.

Detailed or abstract? 

Washing dishes or doing laundry? 

Saver or spender? 
CEO – spender, CFO – saver. I am wearing two hats at the moment.

Hardwood or carpet? 

Cats or dogs? 

Pancakes or waffles? 
One more protein shake please.

Asking questions or answering questions? 
I am on page 7 of the latter.

Ruby or Go? 

Javascript or C? 
Still Java.

Learn more about Backendless, or try it for free for 1 hour! Already using it? Write a review and spread the word.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dive into PHP 7 on Bitnami today

PHP 7 is here! There's been lots of buzz around it over the past few weeks, with the latest beta being released just days ago. We've been tracking PHP 7 development with excitement as well, with the huge speed improvements and language features that will make building and scaling PHP apps much better than before.

To help the PHP Group and development team get more people trying out this new version, we're adding PHP 7 versions of our popular LAMP and MAMP stacks. You can download them below:

For those of you haven't tried our developer stacks for PHP before, they are ready to go, full featured stacks, with everything you'd need to get going to start with PHP development. This is a great way to try your PHP app on PHP 7 without having to spin up a new machine or environment; just cloud launch the Bitnami stack and pull in your code over Git and you can be up and going in minutes with seeing how your app runs on this upcoming major version of PHP.

We'd love to hear how you like PHP 7 and what improvements or problems you've seen so far. Sound off in the comments below or connect to us on Twitter with your feedback.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Security Release: WordPress 4.2.3

The WordPress project has just released a new version due to a security release. WordPress versions 4.2.2 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could allow users with the Contributor or Author role to compromise a site.

They also fixed an issue that allowed the possibility for a user with Subscriber permissions to create a draft through Quick Draft.

The WordPress team strongly encourages their users to update their site to this version. For more details please check the official announcementIf you already have a running version of Bitnami WordPress, the application will automatically be updated. You can confirm that the update has been done by checking the version from your admin panel.

We have released Bitnami WordPress 4.2.3 (and Multisite version) installersvirtual machines and Amazon EC2Google, VMWare and Azure cloud images that fix these issues.

Have questions about Bitnami WordPress or the security issue? Post to our community forum, and we would be happy to help you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Introducing Bitnami's Power User: Ahmed Haque

We have an incredible community of developers that continue to support our mission of making awesome software available to everyone. In addition to our popular community forum, Bitnami receives valuable user experience feedback everyday. Some community members even go so far as to include our application and deployment stacks on their blogs as deployment best practices.

Ahmed Haque, Lead Software Engineer at SensoDx Inc., impressed us with an awesome two-part tutorial about how to deploy a MEAN application on Amazon's EC2. Read more about Ahmed’s Bitnami user journey, and check out his articles.

What projects are you currently working on? 

Right now, I've got two major projects taking up my time. The first is one I'm working on as part of my dissertation. In this project, I'm creating a web and mobile interface that collects biomarker information from blood analysis, information from consumer health devices, and self-reported data -- to provide patients with a comprehensive perspective on their overall risk of disease. The idea is that by aggregating information from both laboratories and mobile health applications, we can offer patients a better snapshot of their overall health and hopefully motivate them towards wellness. The second project is more of a side-gig. Having worked with many of the non-profit organizations in my city, I've come to realize that information regarding services for the homeless are often disparate, disorganized, and extremely hard to find. Even if there are dozens of groups offering to help those-in-need -- comprehensive information about schedules, locations, and the range of services provided is heavily lacking. I'm currently developing an interactive web application that intuitively consolidates information on every nonprofit in the city, so folks can get the information they need quickly. For both these projects, having the Bitnami MEAN stack means I can focus more on the actual applications and less on the process of setting up servers.

Why use Bitnami? 

I first stumbled into the Bitnami MEAN stack in the AWS Marketplace about six months ago, while working on a demo app for my PhD. At the time, I was fairly new to the idea of deploying web applications as a whole, but needed a solution quickly. Though I had completed many tutorials on the MEAN stack, read my share of Javascript books, and had spent hours on Stack Overflow -- the process of getting my app onto a server still seemed completely mysterious to me. The Bitnami MEAN stack came super handy, because it offered a one-stop solution for deploying my app onto Amazon EC2.

Do you have any favorite stacks/apps? 

So far, I've had great success with the Bitnami MEAN stack in AWS. I'm also looking forward to branching out and trying the Wordpress, Ghost, and Magento stacks as well.

We love to hear hear from our users, and would love to hear about your personal experience with Bitnami as well. Feel free to reach out to us, and you might just be the next Bitnami Power User!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Deploying Redmine on Google Cloud Platform with Kubernetes

We’re excited to be headed to Portland to support the community launch of Kubernetes 1.0 today. We just put the finishing touches on our latest walk-through. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to deploy a distributed, scalable version of Redmine on Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes and the Bitnami Container Images for Docker.

If you’re attending the Kubernetes launch or OSCON, we would love to connect and get your thoughts. We also welcome feedback, issues or improvements via GitHub.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp 3rd edition

We are happy to announce the third edition of the Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp. In case you are not familiar with Bitnami bootcamps, it is a fast-paced 2 week course that provides you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to automate the installation and management of server software, with an emphasis in the cloud. You will learn directly from developers and system administrators responsible for systems that manage tens of thousands of servers.

Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp will be taught in-person in our Seville, Spain office. The classes will take place from 9am – 2pm then we will break for lunch and in the afternoon we will have time for hands-on practice, typically until 6 – 7pm. We will have some guest instructors for specific topics and some of those classes may happen in the afternoon.

The following areas will be covered:
  • Linux system administration: from the basics to advanced topics such as security and performance tuning
  • Security administration basics: SSL/TLS, ssh, control access
  • Server deployment: Apache, nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Server application deployment: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and NodeJS runtimes
  • Cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCE) and OpenStack
  • Containers deployment with Docker and Kubernetes
  • IT automation with Ansible
  • Modern software development with Phabricator, GIT
We would like to repeat the same great experience from previous editions. You can find more information about Bitnami Cloud Sysadmin Bootcamp 2015 here.

Get your regressions resolved faster with TestLink and YouTrack on Bitnami

Regressions. They are costly for a company in both the need to go back and fix the code, but more importantly in the time in documenting the issue and engaging the original developer. QA and developers work on different systems to track progress towards a release, but how can these be integrated together easily to help cross this chasm?

Fortunately, Bitnami can help solve this solution with two great apps easily deployable wherever your team wants.

  • Bitnami YouTrack, which is one of the leading software project management tools, developed by the great folks at JetBrains.
  • Bitnami TestLink, your one-stop-shop for test plan management, managing builds and getting reports and stats on your projects.

Integrating these tools is seamless, thanks to the great instructions provided by JetBrains. After adding your credentials in TestLink, you'll immediately be able to add new issues or link existing issues from YouTrack to test executions in TestLink. In addition, you'll also be able to view a list of issues connected to the run and the current status of each one. See the screenshots below for more details.

Let us know in the comments if this is a solution that can help you achieve your own "application awesomeness" faster.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Security Notification: OpenSSL Alternative chains certificate forgery CVE-2015-1793

A new security vulnerability was recently discovered in certain versions of OpenSSL. You can find out more about the vulnerability here:

Any Bitnami-packaged applications using affected versions of OpenSSL that were installed or launched after June 11th, 2015 are vulnerable.

While this vulnerability is not as critical as previous ones like Heartbleed, we believe it is of the utmost importance to quickly address any security issues in applications distributed by Bitnami. To this end, our team worked to update all of the affected applications available through Bitnami and other cloud marketplaces that distribute Bitnami images within 32 hours of the report.

We also created a patch that can be applied to fix this vulnerability in applications that are already deployed. Please take a moment to update existing installations of Bitnami-packaged applications by following the instructions in our wiki:

For a list of affected applications, please see after the jump or click here.

If you have any questions about this process, please post to our community support forum and we will be happy to help!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

X-Cart joins the Bitnami Library with a free trial!

We would like to introduce our newest partner application, X-Cart. X-Cart is a user-friendly e-commerce solution that includes everything you need to create an online store out-of-the-box.

With X-Cart’s wide range of customizable features, you will have all the tools necessary to create and maintain a well-designed, secure, and efficient online store.
  • Responsive user interface that automatically adapts to tablet and mobile devices
  • Multilingual product catalog and search
  • Built-in inventory tracking, support of variants and e-goods
  • Other powerful add-ons including auctions and booking
  • Support for social sign-on and shareable product ratings and reviews
  • SEO-friendly URLs, sitemaps and rich snippets
  • 100% PCI-DSS compliance, HTTPS/SSL support and XSS/CSRF attack protection
  • Easy to integrate with popular payment gateways, including Stripe, Skrill, Paypal and others
  • Seamless e-commerce accounting with Intuit Quickbooks and Xero integration
  • Maximum flexibility with open source code
These features will enhance your existing customers’ shopping experience in addition to attracting new buyers. Along with all the features of X-Cart’s Open Source Edition, Bitnami is also offering X-Cart’s Business Edition to try for free!

The Bitnami X-Cart package is a free 30-day trial of X-Cart 5 Business Edition. Additionally, X-Cart is offering a 15% discount with coupon code BITNAMI if you purchase the Business Edition license after the trial ends.

Try the Bitnami X-Cart application below, 
and see how easy it is to get started on your store in just a few clicks!

Or you can start using X-Cart right away with our Bitnami X-Cart installers,Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Security release: Magento 1.9.2

The Magento project has just released a new community version that includes the latest security patches: SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-5994, and SUPEE-6285. It is recommended that you apply those patches or upgrade to the latest version of the application. For more information about the security issues fixed with those patches check out this helpful user guide

We have released Bitnami Magento 1.9.2 installersvirtual machines and Amazon EC2Google and Azure cloud images that fix these issues.

If you already have a running version of Bitnami Magento, you can upgrade the application following the steps detailed on our wiki page.

To learn more about this new version, you can read about them on the Magento blog. Have questions about Bitnami Magento? Post to our community forum, and we would be happy to help you. 

New Bitnami ownCloud Stack 8.1 released

The new version of ownCloud 8.1 has been released and we're happy to announce that this version is already available in Bitnami.

This version contains significant improvements for users, administrators and developers. You can find the complete list of new features in the official release notes.

ownCloud is a flexible, open source file sync and share solution. Whether you're using a mobile device, workstation, or a web client, ownCloud provides your employees complete ease of use and accessibility to the right files on any device in one simple, secure and controlled solution.

Bitnami ownCloud is available as native installers (for Linux and OS X). Unfortunately, the ownCloud team will no longer support Windows as a native platform (you can read more information about it here). If you are planning to continue using ownCloud on Windows you can use one of our virtual machines. Finally you have also available cloud images for Amazon EC2, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

You can find more information about how to manage your installation on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

The New topLog Arrives in Bitnami!

We are excited to announce today’s release of a major update from software partner topLog! topLog is a great all-in-one log management solution that makes monitoring your system and preventing problems a breeze.

With its sophisticated analysis engine, topLog is now even better at predicting issues with your application and showing where to find problems before they occur. The analysis engine adds pattern extraction, pattern correlation, and anomaly detection to the already robust suite of topLog features. With topLog, your days of digging through thousands of log entries after a problem has already occurred will be over!

The new Bitnami topLog stack comes with a free one user license, so you are welcome to try it out for yourself. You can now install topLog in just a few clicks with the Bitnami topLog installers, Virtual Machines, and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform.

If you want to check out topLog, simply launch a free cloud demo server. Click the button below to get your own instance running for 1 hour, free!

Information on how to manage your installation can be found on our wiki. Still have questions? We would be happy to answer them on our community forum.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

eXo Enterprise Platform joins Bitnami!

The open source application eXo Platform Community has gained popularity during its time in the Bitnami Library, so we are excited to announce that we now offer the Enterprise version as well!

eXo Platform Enterprise includes exciting features that enhance the way your team communicates. You can now consolidate many of the tools that you are using for projects into one platform with eXo Platform Enterprise. This fully-featured social collaboration software combines wikis, forums, calendars, document management, and much more into one easy-to-use tool that will be useful at all levels of your organization.

eXo Platform Enterprise enables users to collaborate anywhere in the world with its native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. With its highly customizable API, there isn’t a team anywhere that wouldn’t enjoy working with this tool.

Whether you have tried the open source version of eXo Platform already or are looking for a new collaboration solution for your team, take advantage of Bitnami’s free 30 day trial of eXo Platform Enterprise.

With the enterprise version, you will receive:
  • Video calls add-on: 1-to-1 and group video conference
  • Additional website templates
  • Development environment (IDE) to edit templates and build REST services and gadgets live
  • Clustering and high availability support
  • Technical support, maintenance and professional services
Launch a demo of eXo Enterprise Platform today with just one click!

Or you can start using the eXo Enterprise Platform right away with our Bitnami eXo Enterprise Platform installersVirtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bitnami Redmine + Agile Stack Now Available

We’re excited to introduce the Bitnami Redmine + Agile Stack to our library! This highly anticipated package provides a one-click install solution for Redmine + Agile, enabling teams to apply Agile best practices in their Redmine projects. Issues are displayed as tasks on a dynamic agile board, allowing for quick response times with the inclusion of swim lanes, charts, and issue cards.

This workflow-aware agile board manages the most complex development processes by allowing your team to efficiently prioritize, assign and track issues. The board is also methodology-agnostic with both Scrum and Kanban support.

Key features include:

  • Scrum and Kanban boards 
  • Customizable workflows 
  • Issue cards 
  • Agile charts, including burnup/burndown, velocity and cumulative flow 
  • Built-in version planning 
  • Swim lanes and color-coding for better issue visualization 
  • RedmineCRM “Circle” theme included
Why use the Bitnami Redmine + Agile Stack? Our stack is up-to-date with the latest releases, secure, consistent, and free to try. Experiment with an unlimited number of demos or plugins and try it out today in just a few clicks with the Bitnami Redmine installers, Virtual Machine images (VMs), and cloud images for Amazon EC2 and Google Cloud Platform.

Visit our wiki to learn how to manage your installation. Still have questions? Head to our community forum for expert advice from our team.